AddFlow offers the following features :

We provide 3 versions of AddFlow.

AddFlow for WPF 2016

Addflow for WPF 2016 is a WPF Custom control created with the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and VS 2015. It provides a small deployment assembly (247 Kb), a light programming interface, speed (We use virtualization and low-level DrawingVisual objects to obtain the most lightweight way to perform drawing), full integration with the WPF environment. You may order either a standard edition, either a professional edition of AddFlow. The professional edition provides a set of graph layout algorithms.

AddFlow for HTML5 v1.2.1.0

Addflow for HTML5 is a 100% Javascript Flowcharting/Diagramming component using the HTML5 Canvas. It lets you quickly build flowchart enabled HTML5 applications like workflow diagrams, database diagrams, communication networks, organizational charts, process flow, state transitions diagrams, telephone call centers, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), expert systems, graph theory, quality control diagrams, etc. Very easy to use, very LIGHT, very customizable. The professional edition provides a set of graph layout algorithms. Royalty free redistribution.

AddFlow for Winforms 2015

AddFlow for WinForms 2015 is a .NET Windows Forms Custom control. It is 100% Managed Code.

AddFlow for WinForms 2015 is NOT compatible with previous versions.

What has changed ? Almost everything.

Why ? Those changes were necessary to allow a better evolution of the product for the future, to provide a lighter product that just does its job and nothing more, to take account of some new technologies like LINQ and for a better compatibility with other versions, especially the HTML5 version of AddFlow.

Does it provide the same features as previous versions ? Some minor features have been removed.

Does it provide new features ? Yes (pins, captions,orthogonal links, quadtree...)

It offers the following advantages: